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Aztec Lakes Tours offers the best value for fishing vacations in Mexico. As operators of both Lake Mateos fishing camp and Lake Huites fishing camp, we provide every angler's dream trip.

Fishing Vacations Mexico

Aztec Lakes specializes in fantastic fishing vactaions in Mexico.

Lake Huites

Campo Buena Vista

Lake Huites' most luxurious lodge, Campo Buena Vista is the finest fishing lodge on the lake and one of Mexico's newest treasures. Just north of the town of Choix, here you will find some of the worlds finest Largemouth Bass fishing. Campo Buena Vista sits right on Lake Huites, nestled in the remote and deep canyons of Sinaloa Mexico.

NOTE: Looking for investors for this property.  We need new boats, motors, furnishings and a lot of other equipment before we can open to the public.  If you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity to invest in a fish camp, this opportunity is for you.  Call J.C. Galloway for more information at 386-985-9960

Lake Mateos Bass Lodge

Lake Mateos is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mexico.  It is surrounded by the enchanting cascading effect of the Western Sierra Madres Mountains.  This beautiful lake attracts the seasonal water fowl by the thousands and is a magnificent body of clear mountain water fed by the Humaya River.  It’s the 9th largest freshwater lake in Mexico at 55,000 acres and up to 230 feet in depth.  It’s filled with some of the most aggressive Florida strain bass in the world.  Mexico’s federal freshwater fish hatchery is situated below the dam and infuses the lake with “new blood” regularly, ensuring a long life for the fishery.  Lake Mateos has an abundant supply of tilapia, majorra and shad which keeps the largemouth Florida bass in hog heaven.

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Amazon Peacock Bass

Cruise with us aboard the Amazon Santana or The Santana I, the gold standard for Amazon fishing vessels! This luxury yacht serves as your floating first class vacation home for an unforgettable fishing adventure of a life time.

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Aztec Lakes is owner operator of Lake Mateos fishing camp and Lake Huites fishing camp and provides Mexico Fishing Vacations.