Is It Worth It to Have Pool Heaters?

According to pool experts, installing a pool heater in your pool is a great idea especially if you are planning to extend your spa and pool time during the cooler temperatures of fall. Hence, it’s a great investment for you. Here are more information about pool heaters in general and which type of pool heaters is perfect for your needs:

Different types of pool heaters

Pool heaters come in different kinds. They all can heat your spa also when you have one. Here are the following types of pool heaters:

  • Electric
  • Natural gas
  • Pool heat pumps
  • Propane
  • Solar

Which pool heater is the best for you?

The type of heater that will be perfect for you depends on several aspects to consider, including the amount of budget, the size of your inground pool, and whether you have a natural gas connection. Check out the different types of pool heaters and their properties:

Hybrid pool heaters

A hybrid pool heater is something that’s newly released in the market. This type of pool heater is a combination of a heat pump and a gas-fired heater that can help heat your pool. This is also highly efficient and eco-friendly.

Solar pool heaters

This type of pool heaters is the best for “green-minded” people since they are economically friendly. However, it can be quite costly to install and buy. Moreover, heating expenses are almost non-existent because such heaters utilize the in to heat your pool. Moreover, it has its fair share of disadvantages. Solar pool heaters cannot effectively heat your pool during cloudy days.

Heat pumps and electric pool heaters

When propane or gas isn’t an option, a pool heat pump or an electric pool heater might be the one for you. The operation and installation of an electric resistance pool heater could be a bit costly since it involves much electrical work. Moreover, heat pumps could be costlier to install as well compared to a gas heater, however, it’ more cost-effective to operate. One of the disadvantages of having a pool heat pump is that it greatly works when it’s already warm outside. This means that it may probably take longer to heat up your pool once the weather starts to get cooler.

Gas pool heater

When you have a natural gas connection, we highly suggest that you should have a natural gas pool heater. Gas heaters are efficient and fast in terms of heating your spa and pool. Generally, a gas heater is less costly to install compared to a pool heat pump or electric heater. But, based on the natural gas’ price, it could be costlier to operate in comparison to a heat pump or an electric pool heater.

Selecting a pool heater

As you choose a pool heater, you need to consider whether you are willing to pay less upfront and have possibly higher heating expenses or pay more upfront and get lower operation costs. There are other factors to consider as well depending on your preference. If you need assistance with which one to choose and installing one, contact our Boca Raton pool maintenance services ASAP.

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